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The lines of the past blend with the present time and a futuristic design, communicating the passion and the wisdom of the craftsman and the intuition of the designers of CasaLando.

Inspiration for a unique design of harmony and beauty and attention to detail are the foundation on which rests the philosophy of CasaLando.


Our showroom is a showcase where customers can immerse themselves in fully furnished interiors, experiencing with all five senses the charisma of the design CasaLando.

The furniture is placed in a complete setting and accompanied by complementary furnishing items that emphasize the prestige of the design CasaLando.

Design and quality

The design and quality of our products is the result of the work of skilled craftsmen and designers at the forefront of creative intuition.

The materials, finishes and tradition imprinted in Lando furniture do nothing but emphasize the intrinsic value of objects that evolve and become a living experience.